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The Staffing Specialists

For all of your staffing and employment needs with locations in: Ponca City, Shawnee, and Oklahoma City.

Transition of Employees to Personnel Staffing, Inc. Personnel and Payroll System
After having the client sign the Staffing Service Agreement, the installation of the service at any location is quite simple.

  • PSI's Personnel Handbook and comprehensive Benefit Package is explained in meetings with employees.
  • Employees are given assurance of working the same hours, wages and benefits.
  • New employee paperwork is completed on all employees selected by the client, using PSI forms.
  • PSI Human Resources Department will handle insurance enrollment and personnel matters with clients.
    • PSI distributes employee payroll checks every week:
      • Time cards are sent into PSI by location managers
      • A PSI payroll specialist will be responsible for accurate and timely payroll checks
  • PSI provides vacation pay based on hours worked up to one week per year for employees and health insurance available.

Profitable Method to Manage Personnel and Payroll

PSI has expertise in dealing with all types of personnel management and governmental compliance problems. From only one company, business owners can receive a tailor-made package to fit their specific needs. By turning your needs over to PSI, you can avoid the common headaches of computing payroll, personnel accounting, insurance coverage plans, deciphering state and federal laws, etc.

Let PSI handle the following crucial commitments:

  • Wages and Salaries
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance and Claims
  • Payroll and Payroll Taxes
  • Unemployment Insurance Claims
  • Benefits
  • Governmental Regulations
  • Health and Welfare
  • Vacations and Holidays
  • Interviewing and Screening
  • EEOC
  • Immigration Law
  • Job Descriptions
  • Termination

PSI Handles Business Owners' Problems - PSI Lowers Surmounting Employee Carrying Costs by:

  • Reducing Employee Administration Cost 5 - 10%
  • Eliminating Employee Paperwork Hassle, Bookkeeping, and Equipment Costs
  • Shifting Governmental Reporting Compliance for Employees to PSI
  • Freeing Your Staff for More Profit-Oriented Tasks
  • Reducing Unemployment Insurance Expenses
  • Eliminating Recordkeeping and Filing, While Freeing Up Office Space
  • Sharply Reducing Fixed Labor Cost with Flexible Staffing

PSI Lessens Payroll System Waste

  • Saves Payroll Taxes Due to Mistakes in Deductions, Deposits, and Payments
  • Regulates Unemployment Insurance Claims Verification and Payments

PSI Retains Record Security and Up-to-Date Regulatory Compliance

  • Observes Government Retention Schedules and Secures Records and Files
  • Payroll Records and Wage Administration Kept Confidential
  • Requests for Employment References and Inquiries Handled
  • Clients Kept Informed of Federal and State Laws Affecting Employees

The bottom line is...PSI will save you time and money.

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